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Note:  While the massive algae bloom and runoff problem to our south is a concern, it has not affected the Tampa Bay area.  We are clean and thriving and we are grateful.  We wish a speedy resolution for our neighbors to our south. 

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Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing at its best!

Tampa Bay Inshore Charters, a premier Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing service in Tampa Bay offers several different duration fishing trips to suit your needs.  All ages and skill levels are welcome as we traverse the waters of Tampa Bay in search of snook, redfish, trout, tarpon, cobia, and sharks.  It’s the best Tampa Bay inshore fishing on light tackle you will find.  Capt. Scott Keith will work tirelessly to ensure your success.  You don’t want to miss out by choosing a less-experienced captain.  They’re not all equal, and there’s a lot more to a successful charter than a guy who can drive a boat.  Be sure to check out our Charter Information Page for complete details and cost for our Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing trips.

Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing Snook

Great Snook action.

Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing Cobia

Ladies Let’s Go Fishing!


Why choose Tampa Bay Inshore Charters?

  • Experience:  Over 30 years fishing the Tampa Bay area – 13 years as a professional guide

  • Commitment to success:  Fishing isn’t always easy – I’ll work hard to ensure success

  • Respect:  Each client is treated with the utmost respect and appreciation – I take nothing for granted and appreciate each opportunity to serve

  • Community:  Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing Charters gives back to the community.  Capt. Scott Keith works with local Veteran’s groups, Children’s Foundations, hospitals, and other organizations to bring attention to various causes.  

Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing

Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing is some of the best inshore, saltwater fishing in Florida.  Why?  It’s simple.  The Tampa Bay Estuary offers miles and miles of ideal inshore game fish habitat.  From deep mangrove cuts to sandbar points covered in oyster bars, Tampa Bay has something for all the key species.  Snook, spotted sea trout, and red drum (redfish) are the primary targets for Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing.  Many anglers that fish in the northern part of the Country tend to see similarities between what they catch up there and what’s available here.  Often, they are surprised at the brute strength of our target species.  It’s exciting to watch experienced and non-experienced anglers alike as they tackle those hard-hitting snook and redfish.  It truly is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing Report

Last Update:  8/18/2016  Summer is in full swing in the Tampa Bay Region.  Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing has responded, as it normally does, to the warmer water temps.  That said, the action is still great, and fall is not that far away.  Now, more than ever, good tide movement is critical.  I also like to look for areas of shade cast by mangrove lines, especially during the heat of day.  We like fishing early in the morning, or later in the afternoon in an effort to avoid the heat of the day.  If you’ve been in Florida during the summer, you know what I’m talking about.  Getting out on the water is a great way to escape and have fun.  Snook, trout, and redfish are all available right now.  Snook are catch and release only, and must be handled with care.  Big fish are the breeding fish, so be sure to handle with extra care.  Redfish and trout can be caught and kept, if legal.  Tarpon are also a great target right now.  The area beaches and bridges are good areas to search for tarpon.  Don’t miss the action.  Book your exciting inshore fishing trip right now.  Call (813) 760-6735 today or fill out the charter info request form!

A little taste of the Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing action!

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