Tampa Bay March Fishing Report

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Tampa Bay Fishing Report

Tampa Bay March Fishing Report 3/27/16

Tampa Bay March Fishing ReportThe Tampa Bay March Fishing Report is in.  Tampa Bay Fishing has been on fire all through March.  Granted, there are a few more great days left in the month, but I thought I’d go ahead with a Tampa Bay Fishing wrap-up report.  We have been fishing near the Gandy area of Tampa since early February, and it hasn’t disappointed.  Special thanks to Capt. Tim Whitfield for intel on bait locations early on.  Tim and I see a lot of things the same way and we always work to help each other out.  It’s how you survive in this business.  Live bait has been the trick.  We’ve been fishing the last part of the higher incoming tides.  Fishing the flats off of the mangrove lines has been extremely productive.  Once the tide gets up enough, we move in closer and fish the mangrove lines.  It provides two to three hours of solid action on a good tide.  We’re catching 20 to 30 snook per trip, and we normally find some nice reds as well.  I expect larger schools of good-sized redfish to show up pretty soon.  Most of our reds have been upper slot.    Last spring we had a school of over-slot reds that we wore out.  Tampa Bay March Fishing Report

We are putting out plenty of chum to get the bite going and keep the fish interested.  It’s been working like a charm.  The key is finding the tide stages that work for you and stick to it.  Be patient.  We have witnessed several occasions where anglers are in a great spot, but they are not willing to wait the tide out and wait for the bite.  It’s been fairly predictable.  I plan to move to lower Tampa Bay in April and start fishing the Cockroach Bay area and points south.  I look forward to seeing what kind of action we can dig up down there.  It was so good last spring, it’ll be tough to beat this time around.  Check back for updates and current fishing info coming in April.  Feel free to email me with any questions you might have.  I will do my best to answer all questions I get.  Be sure to give me a call and let’s set up a great inshore outing while the action is so great.  Reach me at (813) 760-6735!

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