Tampa Bay Inshore December Fishing Report

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Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing Report

December 2016 Wrap-up

Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing


12-27-16:  The calendar says it’s the end of December, but the weather and conditions on Tampa Bay would indicate otherwise.  Last year was warm at Christmas, but I think this year’s “winter”, thus far, has been more mild.  Water temps around Tampa Bay are running around 72 degrees.  It reminds me of spring fishing.  Scaled sardines, or “whitebait” is so crowded around the Sunshine Skyway bridge – you could almost walk on it at times.  Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing has responded.  Catching snook in shallow water in December – not that common.  I’ll take it, for sure.  We’re also throwing jigs, Gulp shrimp to be exact, and catching 40 to 50 trout per trip.  It can be tiring.  We’ve been free-lining live bait on the shallow flats or near the oyster bars and mangrove lines for snook and redfish lately.  Bait is plentiful, so being able to chum things up while fishing in an area is very helpful.

Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing

Winter will bring cold fronts will can have an effect on fishing.  Strong fronts bring cold air and wind – both of which are challenges.  We like to find areas that are protected from the winds.  Cold snaps this year have typically been short-lived.  So, even if a front rolls through, it typically won’t have a lasting impact.  That’s the beauty of winter in Florida.  Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing can be enjoyed all winter long.  Snook, redfish, and trout will continue to be our targets as long as this great weather hangs around.  Be sure to catch the action while it’s hot, literally.  Give me a call or shoot me a text message with the date you’d like.  Reach the captain directly at (813) 760-6735.












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