Tampa Bay Redfish

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Tampa Bay Redfish

Tampa Bay Redfish action is about to light up.  Why?  As we head into September and October, the summer sun-angle and intense heat finally start to subside.  When this happens, though it’s still hot outside, the water temperature will begin to fall.  Pair that will plentiful bait on the flats, and you’ve got the recipe for fall redfish action galore.  Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing Charters is standing ready to leverage that Tampa Bay Redfish action.

Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing Redfish

Tampa Bay Redfish

Redfish are sought-after all year-long around Tampa Bay.  It’s one of my favorite target species.  Nothing surpasses the brute power of these fish, and they are great table fare as well.  They are a protected species, so there is a legal slot limit and bag limit.  Tampa Bay Redfish are available any time of the year, though tactics for catching them will vary.  As we head into fall, the schools of bigger fish will start showing up in Tampa Bay.  Over-slot redfish are a blast on light tackle.  I usually target these fish by selecting an area, throwing out some chummers (stunned baitfish), and waiting to see who shows up.  You can also spot the larger schools of fish and position yourself to catch them.  Chasing a school around the flats and tossing baits and lures into them generally will not work.  You must position your boat out ahead of the school and then present a bait in their direction of movement.  Chumming can really turn the school on and, once it’s on, they will eat for a while.  Often times, when a fish is hooked, the others will work into a higher state of frenzy.  It’s a blast.  You don’t want to miss it.  Tampa Bay Redfish action is among the best in the state.  You don’t want to miss it.  Call or text me at (813) 760-6735, or visit my Charter Information Page to book today.

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